17 Oct 2013

Pushkar fair in Rajasthan

If you want to visit largest camel fair in the world then you must vsit Pushkar fair in Rajasthan. This year Pushakar fair dates has been already declared. According to Rajasthan government Pushkar fair to start on 9th November and to culminate on 17th November, 2013. As name suggest Pushkar fair organised every year in Pushkar town in Rajasthan. Pushkar fair opens a complete window to Rajasthan. It means if you want to explore Rajasthan then start in november and your starting point should be Pushkar fair. After Pushkar visit other great places of Rajasthan.
25 Sep 2013


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10 Aug 2013

Rann Utsav 2015-16

Rann Utsav to start on 1st November, 2015 and this Utsav to end on 29 Feb, 2015. The celebratory festival begins in the Bhuj city and goes around the district with a grand finale again being held at the preliminary destination.
17 Jul 2013

Nanda Raj Jat Yatra 2014

The Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra completed with thousands of devotees took part in August 2014. Nanda Raj jat yatra which takes place once in 12 years and was scheduled for August 29 in 2013, but due to unprecendented rains and flash floods, it was postponed for 2014. Nanda Raj Yatra started on 18th August 2014 and culminated on 6th September, 2014.

17 Jul 2013

Manimahesh Yatra 2015 in Himachal Pradesh

Manimahesh Yatra 2015 is starting from 5 September

Manimahesh yatra 2015 will start on 5th September on the occasion of Krishna Janma-Asthami. Manimahesh yatra will end on 21 September on the occasion of Radha Asthami.